Mike McCrory

Mike McCrory


Mike’s original Open Water Certification was achieved in 1962 through YMCA.  As part of the staff at the Dive Shop, Inc. in Memphis, TN, Mike moved to Little Rock at the beginning of 1987 to expand the business.  On a hope, a prayer, and a few bucks, the Dive Shop II was founded and has been going strong ever since.  Now an active Instructor Certifier for Scuba Schools International, Mike is still loving teaching, selling, traveling and most of all “Diving”.

Scott McCrory

Instructor trainer

Scott also left Memphis at the ripe old age of sixteen to join his Dad at the Dive Shop II in the fall of 1987.  From his Open Water Diver certification at age 10, Scott has never looked back with his continued development in the Scuba Industry.  Now holding the position of Scuba Schools International Instructor Trainer, Scott is also certified as a service technician with most major equipment brands in the business.  Whether it’s sales, service, training, local diving, or international travel Scott is the “Man”.

Terri Bernard

Lead Instructor

Terri is the latest addition to the full-time Dive Shop II staff.  Terri is the head instructor at the shop. teaching all levels from Open Water through Assistant Instructor and most SSI Specialty Courses in between.  When Terri is not teaching scuba or leading dive trip around the globe, she is developing new programs and procedures to keep the Dive Shop II moving forward.  Better “Lead, Follow, or get out of the Way”, because no grass grows under Terri’s feet.