Our Showroom is over 2000sq feet

with over $100,000.00 of inventory

Snorkel system

A proper fitting snorkeling system will make all the difference in the world when you are diving. Our professionals can help you custom fit your snorkeling system.

Snorkeling is a great place to start

Snorkeling is a great exercise and an amazing way to start your experience exploring the underwater world. Whether you are snorkeling in the lake or take your gear with you on a cruise you want to make sure everything fits you properly.

Buoyancy Compensator Devices (BCD)

We have a full line of top quality BCD's from full Vest style to back inflate, to backplate wing style BCD's. All designed to fit your style of Diving.


Our staff will help you pick the best BCD for you and your style of diving.

Information Systems

Information systems vary greatly and we have all levels from simple analog pressure gauge. to wireless wrist mounted computer systems. Come in and see all the choices that we have for your diving needs.

Complete Packages

we offer several level of complete turn key packages that will help you get in the water faster and be ready for that next vacation.

Spear fishing is fun and exciting

At the Dive Shop II we have everything you need to get started with spear fishing except the fishing license and the fish.

Spear Guns

Let us help you pick the best option for your style of fishing.